LT Lite
LT Lite Acum 19 ore
Chippo is so funny
The Gaming Destroyer
The Gaming Destroyer Acum 19 ore
YO when I listed to holiday on the radio and yt shorts I diddnt think it was made by a youtuber it’s soo good dude😂😂😂
Dirpex Acum 19 ore
wait so HES coming to my town on my birthday WHAT
kingcrab 4
kingcrab 4 Acum 19 ore
Kertle Acum 19 ore
When my guy said woof I started dying 😂
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Acum 19 ore
JJ: Fuck knows what he is saying Also JJ: My man's hard!!!!
James Richardson
James Richardson Acum 19 ore
he said the nigga word
Kato Ukiyomi
Kato Ukiyomi Acum 19 ore
KSI's laughs are probably the funniest here🤣
DragonX Acum 19 ore
Kiroga Sensai
Kiroga Sensai Acum 20 ore
my eyes burn i wich i never see this
Suzumu Edward
Suzumu Edward Acum 20 ore
Ksi: Amazon? Nah Amazin
tri eye optical a c e oracle
tri eye optical a c e oracle Acum 20 ore
this is why i quit fifa
Shusui Acum 20 ore
and hes not fat shaming his brother hes just being realistic in a sport u have to be fit in a sport except like sumo 😂
Hank Hubbard
Hank Hubbard Acum 20 ore
You’re the best
Frances Diflavis
Frances Diflavis Acum 20 ore
"I know what harrys balls look like" damn ksi didn't know you liked harry balls.
Jadan Pousson
Jadan Pousson Acum 20 ore
8:59 your what?
D Bo
D Bo Acum 20 ore
Tbf there’s no planet that’s a 2 point deduction. 1 point sure. 2 points you’re having a laugh.
Juice box
Juice box Acum 20 ore
Yo it’s ya boy Ksi lgbt
Napyy Acum 21 oră
Pov you are watching this in 2021
850 Jojo
850 Jojo Acum 21 oră
Ksi: “if ur racist fucc you” Majority of his non black fans: 😳
mason smith
mason smith Acum 21 oră
End of the day you got paid. Social gloves 👀
Weill Acum 21 oră
Bro my dad died bro: 😕 Like he drowned bro: 🙂😆
Dark loop
Dark loop Acum 21 oră
Can’t wait to see your fight I saw your tweet
konstantin gacovski
konstantin gacovski Acum 21 oră
Bryce hall whants to fight kis but what about Babatunde?
Josh Bourke
Josh Bourke Acum 21 oră
I sped down the video to 0.25 speed and saw jj oluntunji in the ROpost’s who hit 10mil, one of my proudest moments
Xblade31 Acum 21 oră
Mario Santino Insunsa
Mario Santino Insunsa Acum 21 oră
13:18 Me who has Autism: yeah Kevin
Oh nothing just a pringle
Oh nothing just a pringle Acum 21 oră
Memes aside we will never know what JJ would truly look like as a female
Yali Zarka
Yali Zarka Acum 21 oră
10 and 0 for KSI
Asian Noodle
Asian Noodle Acum 21 oră
Dude came in with the Scarlxrd influence 🔥
Melanistic Soldier
Melanistic Soldier Acum 21 oră
who else doesnt laugh through out the whole video and are just here for jj
Pharaoh EnZo
Pharaoh EnZo Acum 21 oră
I feel like sidemen tinder in the US would be insane women out here are allot less polite when they get shit talked. They'll have some good ass comebacks
ilyas mourad
ilyas mourad Acum 21 oră
dude u had to do this vid at 3:00 am
Blen T
Blen T Acum 21 oră
I'm in the phase where I like JJ's videos without watching them.
Shadowkillz Acum 21 oră
Toptaha Acum 21 oră
Lol what the hell is this 💀 🤚
Informal vlogger
Informal vlogger Acum 21 oră
KSI, Once I had been your hater but now you are cool man. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I LAUGHT ALOT MAN 😂😂
NOOOO my salt 😢😢
Hanan M
Hanan M Acum 22 ore
7:58 TOBY???
Huski Acum 22 ore
wtf is this
SolzifyFD Acum 22 ore
10:19 jj just wanted to sit down lmaoooo
EuroweRx Auto Repair
EuroweRx Auto Repair Acum 22 ore
DIY projects!! Got that right!!
PainApple Acum 22 ore
It’s been two weeks😭😢 Don’t tell me he got demonetized again
Tommy Huang
Tommy Huang Acum 20 ore
He got tours and stuff
Schneider Gopalgy
Schneider Gopalgy Acum 22 ore
14:15 wdyou meen by that👀
SA DRXP Acum 22 ore
Bryce got clapped by a broom
Noah’s World
Noah’s World Acum 22 ore
If only he watched the rest of James daniel
Charlie Clifton
Charlie Clifton Acum 22 ore
mrbeast fans 2021
mrbeast fans 2021 Acum 22 ore
Yo that laugh tho
Egypt Gang
Egypt Gang Acum 22 ore
xninja boi
xninja boi Acum 22 ore
2:21 just why and how is that not tagged
Oluwasegun momson
Oluwasegun momson Acum 22 ore
JJ is just so matured.... Man respect
ibrahim adel
ibrahim adel Acum 22 ore
the dad is so nice i love him
Ahmad Aljafel
Ahmad Aljafel Acum 22 ore
I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and i cant stop listening to this song big love KSI ♥️
Nameless DLC
Nameless DLC Acum 22 ore
That is so racist
Nameless DLC
Nameless DLC Acum 22 ore
Have aHow racist you have to be he’s been mad disrespectful kis
Tristán Dorda Gracia
Tristán Dorda Gracia Acum 22 ore
bruh the reaction got more views than the song loooooooooooool
French Toast
French Toast Acum 22 ore
moriah abba
moriah abba Acum 23 ore
5:27 the real definition of throat goat 💀🐐
Centik Kbm
Centik Kbm Acum 23 ore
bring one question go back
Khaotic TTV
Khaotic TTV Acum 23 ore
Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️
Justin Eden
Justin Eden Acum 23 ore
Oh cool, my name's the N word too.
LeafyGreen Acum 23 ore
Yea dk y
TornadoChaser72 Acum 23 ore
1:46 that reminds me of a story from when I was younger. My sister wanted me to cut her barbies hair like miles cyrus’ hair. I cut it almost bald, although she wanted the miles Cyrus with the long hair😂
Mild Gaming Vamp
Mild Gaming Vamp Acum 23 ore
people hate on the ksi event but this is a big thing for him even if it seems small, he was nice enough to do this, you roblox kids should appreciate it more
Ur Adopted
Ur Adopted Acum 23 ore
the way he said astagfurillah 😂😂😂
Zak Mulla
Zak Mulla Acum 23 ore
What’s the instrumental @ 4:56 ?
Blake Acum 23 ore
Charlie Clifton
Charlie Clifton Acum 23 ore
7:57 f ing tobi 9k so no Harry
Scarlet Delta
Scarlet Delta Acum 23 ore
This vid boutta get a million views
hypershane Acum 23 ore
Where is my man it's been over 2 weeks we miss you jj
Zachary Ordon
Zachary Ordon Acum 23 ore
I’m watched this back 22:24-22:49 gets me all the time 😭🤣
Abby Crown
Abby Crown Acum 23 ore
"Like fucking pounded yam ?!"😂😂😂
Mohamed Zahed
Mohamed Zahed Acum 23 ore
imagine this being a sensor when Jake Paul swears. lol 4:43
Kathleen Tukiri
Kathleen Tukiri Acum 23 ore
ksi looking at the vid be like hey guys wait here ill be back oh yea
Mohammed Alqasem
Mohammed Alqasem Acum 23 ore
Hi Ksi how do u deal with bullying because I’m fat and my friends took my phone and found an embarrassing video of me dancing and they sent it to all of there friends and every time i ply with them they send me the video I can’t stop crying pls respond and also I’m 11
Jenna Czulinski
Jenna Czulinski Acum 23 ore
Emily Kendrick
Emily Kendrick Acum 23 ore
You just know the sidemen are so so so proud of him and jj bringing them on makes it’s so much special for every single one of them